Be Still

I had the great fortune of spending time on an Ontario lake this summer, and the above photo is yours truly enjoying a very tranquil morning paddle.

The stillness of the lake, the delicate sounds of canoe moving through water, and even a faint loon call is a memory that I want to hold on to, especially when stressed and feeling ungrounded.

What I realized is most important isn't the memory itself (however pleasant), but the reminder to make time to just be still, even when the world around us is filled with "to do" lists and the daily pressures of life.

Finding those small moments in the course of a day to sit and really get into the simple experiences; your morning coffee or tea, the sights and sounds while walking to work, sitting and observing what’s going on around you, while waiting for a friend at a café or restaurant.

I’m guilty myself of “filling in” every small moment with text/email checks, looking at news feeds or social media updates, and my own daily practice now involves making space for stillness, to be present to what’s around me.

I’m making it my own 30-day challenge, and will keep you posted on how it goes. You’re welcome to join me, and can post any comments, insights or highlights to my
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