My Yukon Frosty Awakening

Though I'd share a little experience from my Northern Yukon adventure:

The snow was crunching and squeaking under my boots as I walked along the Yukon river, a mere 20 degrees below zero. My face and toes reminded me how vulnerable the elements can make one feel, even if swaddled in layers of down and wool. As my father and I reached the 4 KM mark of our icy tour, all bodily senses gave in to thoughts of the hot soup, the cozy fire, the end. On the return ride home, my cheeks screamed cold and then hot, while feet and hands warmly tingled.....almost home, almost home.                

This might sound rather melodramatic, but it did make me think of the dance that takes place between present moment sensations, and all those thoughts that can carry one away. This is a continuous practice of awareness, and I sometimes have to give myself a little remindful nudge just to be right here right now, rather than get fixated on all of those appetizing longings....                              

My Yukon holiday is almost over, and I'm heading out for one last chilly walk. The intention today and for this coming year is to take in as much of physical surroundings as possible; the beauty and harshness, the tranquility and turmoil, the joy and sorrow. It'll never be quite like this again, and a big part of life is about savouring the next step even in the knowing that something hot and scrumptious awaits at the finish line.

And into the night of his very own room where he found his supper waiting for him......and it was still hot (Where the Wild Things Are).