Slowing Down

While driving back from Whistler this weekend, I decided rather uncharacteristically to pullover, and was able to catch this spectacular post-sunset moment. At first glance, all I could see was grey upon grey, upon more grey, but when I took a breath what revealed itself was a wee peachy-pink cloud floating midst it all. 

 What I love about slowing down is it allows for all of the senses to take things in, appreciate, be curious and truly see the grander picture. When feeling anxious, distressed, angry, frustrated, or my ole standby-impatient, the mind and senses often become rigid. We tend to see things from a binary perspective as being positive-negative, desirable-undesirable and/or some form of accomplishment-failure. 

 To be clear, slowing down doesn’t imply seeing the world through rose coloured glasses, which would be just another dressed up form of rigidity. It’s more about observing what is going on, noticing feelings, sensory experiences, and the story our mind is telling us.  

 The shades of grey photo can represent how the mind often works, wherein the dark and ominous clouds become our experience. If we can remind ourselves to slow down, be curious and expand our awareness, a clearer, fuller and often more compassionate picture will present itself. 

 Hope you’re enjoying the first days of autumn!